Pedifix FeatherStep Insoles - P195 - Free Shipping

Pedifix FeatherStep Insoles - P195 - Free Shipping
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Product Description

Durable leather that's light as a feather. FeatherStep shock-absorbing insoles can soothe pain from neuromas, calluses, and other foot discomforts while helping improve your posture and balance. Their -length design won't cramp toes and fits comfortably in most shoes. 1 pair per package.

Extended Information: Sizing:

Women's Small: Fits shoe sizes 6-8 Large: Fits shoe sizes 9-11

Men's Small: Fits shoe sizes 7-10 Large: Fits shoe sizes 11-13

*Trim to fit.

Directions: For best results, remove existing insoles from your footwear and use them as a cutting guide for your new insoles. With scissors, carefully trim FeatherStep Insoles to fit your shoe size then place them in shoes with each insole positioned with its rounded heel area resting directly against the back of the footwear. Product should extend under the ball-of-foot but not under toes. Initially, FeatherStep Insoles may feel awkward in your shoes and a break-in period may be necessary. If so, wear them for short intervals only and gradually increase wearing time with each use. For permanent placement: Remove the protective backing from the self-adhesive area, properly position each insole in footwear and press firmly to secure bonding.

Care: Product may be wiped with a clean, slightly-damp cloth. Allow the product and footwear to air dry completely before reuse.

Warnings: This product contains natural rubber latex which may cause allergic reactions.